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10 Reasons ALL Small Businesses Need Video Marketing

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Not long ago, in a keynote address, Robert Kyncl, YouTube’s Global Content Vice President stated his projection that before long video would power almost 100% of all web traffic.

Crazy talk? Not really - pay close attention. For the average small to medium size business, video is the catalyst that enables you to simultaneously educate and entertain visitors, prospects and, hopefully, customers.

This be be the wave of the now and the future, but unfortunately for them, the owners and decision makers that drive these operations still seem reticent to embrace this exceptionally powerful marketing tool. There seem to be three reasons why video is not considered as a viable online marketing option:

  • There is a belief that video creation is hugely expensive.

  • Creativity issues - what kind of video to produce?

  • Skills/equipment/time to produce these videos is not available.

Let's dispel these myths.

High-quality video is now accessible to businesses of all sizes. Every owner operator should have the budget to acquire stunning videos that turns their tyre kickers in to customers.

Below we have 10 reasons EVERY business must take advantage of video marketing to engage, educate and excite their target audience:

1. Let the Prospect Know What It Is You Are Offering

Face to face, in a shop, it’s way easier to sell a product or service to a prospect. This is an ancient selling technique that has worked well down through the ages..

Online selling is where it get's more complicated, that all important one-on-one interaction is no longer there and closing the deal becomes that much more difficult.


Video Marketing


This is where your shiny new video comes into it's own - you now have the chance to wax lyrical in precisely the same way you would have face-to-face. Here is the exact time and place to show off those expensive pearly whites with accompanying personality. Video allows you to shine on time, every time! Not feeling or looking your best in store? Got the sniffles? Never fear, video is here!



3. Turn Prospects In To Customers

The all encompassing power of the www. offers business owners more prospective leads than ever before, this however does not mean that it is easy to make sales online. More potential clients doesn’t necessarily mean more customers.


A viable marketing plan is the key – video should be integral to that strategy.


Yahoo Video Marketing


A recent study by Video Brewery showed that more than 50% of all video views resulted in a purchase. That particular statistic alone should more than prick up your ears , because there is NO other marketing avenue I am aware of that offers such a massive potential ROI.


If one in two watchers purchased direct from your video would you be excited? Hell yes! I still am and I've been doing this for years!





5. Mobile is Massive - Engage with it!

Video marketing is the FUTURE, mobile phones are the device of choice, combine the 2 and you have a WIN/WIN!


Mobile internet users have been statistically proven to have a longer average attention span than laptop or desktop users - use this to your advantage.


Users of the bigger devices seem to only view a video (remember this is an average) for a minutes or two at the maximum, while mobile users by contrast have been proven to watch a video for up to to 5 minutes. One word - POWERFUL!


mobile video marketing


What this means for you as a small to medium business owner, is that you should be targeting mobile before anything else. It makes sense that the best time to land a new prospect is when they are actively searching for what you provide locally. The extended video attention span should simply be seen as another weapon in your online marketing arsenal.





7. Personalize the User Experience

Humans are emotional beings. We are energy beings – your energy and happiness (when you are in this emotional state) is contagious & spreads to those around you. This is where small business owners can show their local communities the passion they have for their product.


video marketing personalization


Your passion can be the difference between a winning and losing marketing campaign. This is when customising & personalising an online marketing campaigns can be uber profitable. Upsells, downsells, sidesells, accessories, every little bit extra helps.


Macdonalds is fond of supersizing products, why don't you?


Video can make that happen for your customers.



9. People love to Learn - Educate Them

Some of the best online marketing campaigns, especially on social media, don’t use a hard sell approach. Prospects don't always want to feel like they’re being forced to buy. Keep them interested, educate, tittilate, elucidate, illuminate.


Do it with video.


educational video marketing


It is not difficult to become an authority in your chosen field simply by putting together some illuminating and instructive videos. Maybe you sell camping equipment. Product review videos may seem to be the way to go, but a more lateral approach might be to create some videos on camping tips. Viewers could then see the equipment in action and buy not because it was a hard sell but because they saw some good equipment being used properly.


Sometimes the rapier is more effective than the broadsword.....





2. Create Something Memorable

Statistics tell us that 80% of people remember online video ads. Do you think it's the same for blog posts and social media updates? Negative amigo!

The online world is noisy & overcrowded which makes it difficult to be unique. Rising above the crowd can seem like a Sisyphean task, though video is a clear and creative way to be a player that stands above the rest.


Video Marketing 101


Video marketing is a proven, attractive and cost effective way to get your message across.


4. Every Demographic is Within Reach

Most online marketing methods are way more effective, especially from a cost perspective, if the advertising strategy you are using targets a specific demographic, be it age, sex, marital status etc. A good example is that younger online browsers tend to use Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat, while older women prefer social media sites such as Pinterest.



video marketing demographics


This does generally not apply to video marketing.


Video is beloved by all– old and young, male and female, the Internet makes us all equal, in a sense. No matter what the demographics of your target audience, they can be reached, and if need be, laser-targeted.



6. Email Click-Through Rate too Low?

Let's Increase it! Online data has proven that almost 2/3 of marketers state that email video marketing has dramatically increased their conversion rates – as much as 2-3 times in some cases. Wouldn't numbers like that make your email marketing efforts actually seem worthwhile?


Any kind of increased engagement is a welcome return from a marketing campaign.


video marketing email


This can be accomplished via the simple power of video.


Videos in email marketing messages should be less complicated than those in other online formats. No expansive special effects, convoluted plot lines or masses of technical jargon necessary.


They say that a picture is a thousand many words is video?



8. Google is KING - Rank Higher Get FREE Traffic

Google Video Marketing

Pop Quiz - did you know that YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine in the world? What is  the largest search engine in the world? Google..... who owns YouTube? Google......


Marketing Videos on YouTube and other video sharing and social media sites can be very beneficial for ranking a website for buyer keywords which would be unachievable via traditional Search Engine Optimisation. This little online marketing "trick" is not a secret, but it is so under utilised and the reasons why are hard to fathom - it is so powerful. 


Stand out from the pack - don't be a follower (traditional marketing), be a leader (video marketing).



10. Get Prospects to Love Your Brand

Facial recognition activates a specific area of the brain. Repeatedly showing your face to an online audience will make them familiar with you. From a statistical point of view that builds a rapport with the viewers. Selling based on trust built over a period of time is much easier than cold selling.


video marketing for brand building


Video marketing, in a nutshell, is all about your brand. Other online marketing methods are useful for establishing and building a brand, but the force that is video marketing is a much quicker and surer route to ecommerce success.


Build your brand and they will come!


Post Engagement Rate Increase


Page Engagement Rate Increase


Page Views In Average



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