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Lightning speed, omnipotent security, and world-class customer service. WordPress hosting is our platform, our passion, YOUR BUSINESS.


Why is WP Engine the Ultimate for WORDPRESS HOSTING?

RTB recommends WP Engine. They offer world-class customer service, state of the art technology and lightning fast hosting with minimal downtime. More than fifty thousand clients in over one hundred countries worldwide rely on WP Engine for their WordPress hosting needs.




Digital Architecture

World leading technology and extremely low downtime level keeps WP Engine WordPress Hosting quick, reliable, safe.







WP Engine provides almost 1000 hours of 24 hour , expert WP support on a daily basis. WP Engine support has the answers to your questions.








Technical Expertise

WP Engine has the professional staff to keep redefining the cutting edge of online WordPress innovation.





WP Engine WP Hosting Options

One man band or multi-brand multi-national? No matter - WP Engine gives you the options to manage WordPress on your terms.


  Expert Help ....

.... from leading WordPress experts 24 hours a day 365 days a year.


web-hosting-evercache   EverCache

One-of-a-kind caching technology allows for exponential increases in output & speed. Scale up massively!



  Backup Daily

Automatically back up and restore your system data, every day. Data is your lifeline, secure it daily.


 SSL Ready

Single click activation of SSL certificates on any WP Engine hosted website. Get secure with 256 bit encryption!



web-hosting-firewall Firewall

Multi-layered firewalls provide a secure barrier between your data and possible external threats.




  CDN Ready

Are you ready for lightning quick load times? Your customers are - they are global and won't be satisfied with poor page loading times.






Malware Detection

Early warning systems to identify and eliminate malware. Trojan horses are difficult to eliminate once the troops are loose...



web-hosting-speedSpeed Report

Get specific statistics for any single page for any given timeframe. Trends are the lifeblood of any online business - they tell all!


Why does "Real Time Bidding" recommend WP Engine as their Web Host of choice?

It's very simple - WP Engine leads in managed WordPress hosting. Period! Running WordPress in the slickest and best performing manner is an all consuming passion for them. They are fanatics, and we mean that in the best possible way!  The technological wizardry of their hosting platform keeps your websites ultra fast, ultra scalable, and ultra secure. The WP Engine designers have spent years getting their hosting platform as close to perfect as possible, while still leaving a little wiggle room for improvement. Updates, updates, updates! Every bit of the WordPress platform is designed with functionality in mind, whether it's EverCache , GeoIP or one-click SSL, to name but a few. At WP Engine there are more than one hundred and twenty five permanent WP technicians that work 24/7 (in shifts - not around the clock) to get your WordPress dramas sorted out. Pick your weapon of choice, phone, email or live chat - WP Engine are there for you, because they wouldn't be there without you.


We have been hacked before. How do we know that WP Engine hosting is secure?

WP Engine is constantly updating WordPress, specifically from a security point of view, after all, offence is usually the best form of defence. By being proactive WP Engine maintains your site's security with automatic updates. There are also constant predictive security and malware scans to keep your sites free from the threat of cyber pirates. From the humble security update or an emergency maintenance session, the team at WP Engine will alert you at the earliest possible sign of any kind of online intrusion. Rest easy in the knowledge that WP Engine will ceaselessly strive to provide it's clients with the safest, most reliable and secure WP hosting solution available today.


WP Engine seems more expensive than regular shared hosting! Why should I pay the extra?

Many and varied are the providers of cheap web hosting. Remember that hoary old chestnut, "if you pay peanuts you get monkeys"? Not to disparage monkeys, but if you are looking to save a few bucks and host your WordPress sites on the cheap, prepare for any number of possible issues, ranging from being hacked to running foul of the bandwidth police, and going offline when you max out your monthly traffic allotment. Is any of that hassle, probably resulting in lost customers, worth it for saving a few lousy dollars a month? With web hosting it is entirely transparent and you get what you pay for. At WP Engine you may pay a little extra, but you do get a lot. Not needing to worry about any of the issues that cheap hosting may throw up allows you to focus on developing and strengthening your brand and diversifying and updating your content instead of constant updates, firefighting and maintenance. At WP Engine the hosting is in a league of it's own.



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WP Engine uses highly sophisticated content gathering tools to ease the visualisation of content as it relates to the architecture of your website. Use the secure staging environment before you go live.

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